Emma Peel, Queen of Sin

Diana Rigg made quite a splash in “A Touch of Brimstone,” an episode of The Avengers first broadcast in February 1966. Her character, Emma Peel, is made over into a kinky “Queen of Sin” while investigating a group of subversive anarchists called the Hellfire Club. Her climactic scene is presented below in comics form. This is appropriate since the episode inspired a similar storyline in Uncanny X-Men nearly fifteen years later. The scene also features Peter Wyngarde as villain John Cartney and Art Thomas as the hapless lackey who takes a beating.




Matthew Slepin said...

Oh Mrs. Peel, one of my first great loves.

Reading this, I couldn't stop from having the narration read as from the 1960's Batman show. Maybe it was the "What's this?"

Tony said...

I actually had the same reaction, after I wrote it!