Photo Essay # 5: Party Girl

I’ve received an avalanche of requests for more pictures of my fiancée at our engagement party, as seen in Photo Essay # 3. Always happy to oblige, I went through and pulled out the best shots of her I could find. I think they clearly show why she’s so popular.

Here she is talking to my old Army buddies.

My fiancée is very knowledgeable about art.

Relaxing in her favorite chair after the party. What a knockout!

I hope this satisfies the demands of all my frenzied readers.

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Photo Essay # 4: Childhood Memories

People are shaped by their earliest influences, and I think where a person grew up says a lot about them. For example, I grew up in a small white house on the edge of the forest. Here are some of my favorite memories from that long-ago time and place.

Here's the house where I grew up. It was cozy. I used to love spending the afternoons sitting on that stump looking into the sky.

Many happy hours I spent looking out of the window. There was a great view of the trees which surrounded the house.

The door. How often did I go in and out of this door? I've lost count.

Another view of the door.

It was a terrific yard for a child to play in. The clothesline offered hours of fun.

The house, the yard, the stump, and my best friend and companion, our old dog Bitey.

Alas, the old homestead is no more. But it will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Photo Essay # 3: Engagement Party

My wedding anniversary was last week, and it brought back fond memories of our engagement party. I thought I would share the love in a new photo essay.

We held the party at my fiancée’s swanky apartment. She had a nice balcony overlooking the river. That’s me in the hat.

A toast to the happy couple.

I asked my oldest friend to be the best man. He was honored!

I felt like the King of the World. What a party!

My fiancée enjoying all the attention.
Ain’t she gorgeous?

It was definitely an evening to remember!


Photo Essay # 2: My Neighborhood

I thought I would give a little tour of my neighborhood, and some of the sights that I see every day.

This is the street I live on. Traffic is not usually a problem.

This is my apartment. The rent is pretty high, but it's fairly spacious.

Sometimes I like to sit outside my door and enjoy the view.

This is the side street that runs next to my apartment. A good place to walk the dog.

There's a park at the end of the street, by the river, where I enjoy hanging out.

A nice view of the river.

This is where I work.

I hope this will help my readers feel like they know me.


Photo Essay # 1: Romantic Entanglements

In any romantic relationship, it seems, a sense of place is a key element of the memories we cherish. Some reminiscences:

Just outside the window of the room where I proposed to my girlfriend, who has since become my wife.

Our first date: We strolled down this street, saw a movie and had some ice cream.

The site of our first kiss.

Looking at these pictures always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.