Dr. Zayre - 1

Greetings. I am Dr. Zayre. Perhaps you mistook me for my more famous cousin. Heh, heh. I understand. We are, after all, cut from the same cloth. I would like to settle a very foolish question that has been going around of late, for I feel it falls to those of us possessed of the faculty of wisdom to enlighten those beneath us. Some heretical elements have been questioning the wisdom of our great Lawgiver in his decision to entrust the military establishment to the Gorillas while directing the Chimpanzees into the halls of academia. They argue that it is self-evident that Chimpanzees are, and have always been, more aggressive and warlike than Gorillas, even in the most primitive days of pre-history. And Gorillas, they add, have long been known for their pacifistic natures. Thus, the Lawgiver’s decree seems paradoxical. But I say to you, this is precisely the point, my children.

The Lawgiver, in his infinite wisdom, ensured that ape society would never suffer the hardships of unnecessary war by entrusting our defense with those who would by their very natures avoid strife whenever possible. And when no other option remained, the tremendous strength and massive brawn of the Gorilla would surely carry the day. Thus, the lowly and savage Baboon hordes have been kept at bay and our cities remain safe.

In like fashion, the innate aggression of the Chimpanzee has been channeled in a positive direction, to the benefit of society, by having it yoked to the millstone of scientific enquiry. The fierce debates that rage within the halls of academe, the scholars’ often hysterical screechings carrying for miles across the landscape, allow for the expression and release of this energy without resorting to barbarous displays of brute force or wanton chaos and destruction, as was too common among our savage ancestors. The Chimpanzee can thereby be a useful member of society despite his innate shortcomings.

I am happy to say, however, that there is no contention on the point of the Lawgiver’s having charged we the Orangutans with the administration of society, for our solitary and contemplative natures allow us to develop the wisdom necessary for such an awesome responsibility. One shudders to imaging the chaos that would ensue should the reins of government be handed over to a platoon of slow-witted militaristic Gorillas or a pack of hysterically argumentative Chimpanzees.

All praise to the Lawgiver!