Doctor Who Notes 24

Doctor Who returned from its long hiatus for a twenty-fourth season with a new Doctor, played by Sylvester McCoy. While minor characters such as the Rani and Sabalom Glitz put in another appearance, none of the Doctor’s major recurring villains were seen. A new companion was introduced in the final story, who would prove to be the last of the original series.

From “Time and the Rani”

The Rani reminds the Doctor that thermodynamics was his special subject at university, where they attended together and she studied neurochemistry. The Doctor mentions that he has regenerated into his seventh persona, and also reveals that both he and the Rani are aged 953 and that he has “a unique conceptual understanding of the properties of time.” Upon the collapse of her evil plans, the Rani is taken prisoner and transported to the homeworld of the Tetraps.

From “Paradise Towers”

The Doctor and Mel decide to visit the megalithic apartment complex Paradise Towers after the leaky TARDIS swimming pool has been jettisoned.

From “Delta and the Bannermen”

As Billy prepares to leave Earth to mate with the Chimeron queen, Delta, the Doctor notes that “love has never been known for its rationality,” exhibiting an uncharacteristic wistfulness, suggesting that he is perhaps speaking from experience.

From “Dragonfire”

On Iceworld, the Doctor and Mel meet an Earth-born waitress who calls herself ‘Ace.’

Mel: You’re from Earth?
Ace: Used to be.
Mel: Whereabouts on Earth?
Ace: Perivale.
Mel: Sounds mce.
Ace: You ever been there? I was doing this brill experiment to extract nitroglycerine from gelignite. I think something must have gone wrong. This time storm blows up from nowhere, whisks me up here.
Mel: And when was this?
Ace: Does it matter?
Mel: Well, don’t you ever want to go back?
Ace: Not particularly.
Mel: What about your mum and dad?
Ace: I haven’t got no mum and dad. I’ve never had no mum and dad, and I don’t want no mum and dad! It’s just me, all right?
Mel: Sorry. What about your chemistry A-level, then?
Ace: That’s no good. I got suspended after I blew up the art room.
Mel: You blew up the art room?
Ace: It was only a small explosion! They couldn’t understand how blowing up the art room was a creative act!

Ace reveals that she is sixteen years old, and has obviously been on Iceworld for some time, allowing her to adjust to her bizarre experience and assimilate into an alien culture, perhaps a year -- meaning she left Earth around 1985. She also tells Mel that her real name is Dorothy. When Mel decides to join up with Sabalom Glitz, the Doctor invites Ace to go with him in the TARDIS.

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