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The third season of Doctor Who is notable mainly for its massive thirteen-part Dalek story, which both introduces and kills off companion Sara Kingdom, brings back the Meddling Monk, presents a madcap Christmas episode, and features one segment in which neither the Doctor, the TARDIS, nor any of his companions make an appearance. The season also sees a couple of cast turnovers, ending once again with a brand-new complement of traveling companions.

From “Galaxy Four”

The TARDIS materializes on a nameless desert planet, where the Doctor, Vicki, and Steven Taylor find two spaceships which crashed after a space battle. Their ship destroyed, the humanoid Drahvins try to force the time-travelers to help them commandeer the less-damaged Rill ship. However, the Doctor realizes that the Rills, despite their monstrous appearance, are a peaceful race, and assists them in blasting off before the planet breaks apart. The warlike Drahvins are left to die.

From “Mission to the Unknown”

Space Security Service Agent Marc Cory discovers the Daleks have established a base on the planet Kembel and are planning an invasion of the Milky Way Galaxy in the year 4000 A.D. He prepares a report on his findings, but before he can send it, he is discovered by the Daleks and exterminated.

From “The Myth Makers”

The TARDIS materializes in the middle of the Trojan War, and the Doctor ends up among the Greek soldiers while Vicki and Steven are captured by the Trojans. Forced to aid the Greek siege, the Doctor uses the idea of the Trojan Horse which he’d read in Homer. Meanwhile, the Trojans come to believe that Vicki is Cressida, and when she falls in love with Priam’s son Troilus, she decides to remain behind with him. When Steven is injured in the battle, a servant girl called Katarina helps him into the TARDIS. The ship dematerializes while she is still on board.

From “The Daleks’ Master Plan”

The TARDIS now materializes on Kembel in 4000 A.D., where the Doctor, Steven, and Katarina find Space Security Service Agent Bret Vyon investigating his fellow agent’s disappearance. They discover Cory’s report on the Dalek scheme and set off to warn the Earth government. However, the human leader, Mavic Chen, is in league with the Daleks, helping them to prepare their ultimate weapon, the time destructor. The Doctor and his companions steal the weapon’s power core and escape in Chen’s ship. When they are forced to land on a prison planet, a psychopathic convict named Kirksen boards the ship. However, Katarina sacrifices herself to save her friends, and she and the criminal are flung out into space. Mavic Chen then sends Vyon’s own sister, Space Security Service Agent Sara Kingdom, to hunt them down. She kills Vyon before the Doctor can convince her that Chen is the traitor. The Daleks chase the TARDIS through time and space to retrieve the power source. On the planet Tigus, the Doctor again encounters his fellow renegade Time Lord, the Meddling Monk, who betrays him to the Daleks. The Doctor meddles with the Monk’s time capsule, stranding him on a planet of ice. Catching up with the Doctor in Ancient Egypt, Mavic Chen forces the Doctor to surrender the power source. They return to Kembel, where the Daleks exterminate Chen. The Doctor is able to tamper with the time destructor so that when it is activated, it destroys the Daleks. Unfortunately, Sara Kingdom is caught in the time distortion and rapidly aged to death.

From “The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve”

The TARDIS finds its way to Paris, France in 1572 and the Doctor goes off to visit a noted apothecary. Meanwhile, Steven is befriended by a group of Huguenots, and together they discover the plot of the Catholic queen to massacre the Protestants. Steven finds the Doctor and they retreat to the TARDIS as the massacre begins.

The TARDIS materializes once again in London in 1966, and, believing it to be a real police box, young Dorothea Chaplet rushes inside and is whisked away from Earth. “Dodo,” as she calls herself, reminds the Doctor somewhat of Susan, whom he still misses. This may be the reason he allows her to accompany them. She travels in the TARDIS only a short time, before leaving the Doctor’s company as suddenly as she came.

From “The Ark”

The Doctor, Steven, and Dodo find themselves on a gigantic spaceship ten million years in the future, which is transporting life specimens from the doomed planet Earth to a new world, Refusis II. Dodo has a cold, which becomes a plague among the crew, who have no resistance to it. The Doctor devises a cure and the travelers go their separate ways. However, the TARDIS merely shuttles ahead 700 years to when the ship reaches Refusis II. They discover Dodo’s virus has enabled the alien servants, the Monoids, to enslave the humans. After a battle, the Doctor is able to persuade both races to colonize the planet together.

From “The Celestial Toymaker”

The TARDIS appears in a parallel universe presided over by a powerful, immortal being called the Celestial Toymaker. As he looks on menacingly, the Doctor, Steven, and Dodo must pass a series of childlike tests. The Doctor outsmarts the Toymaker, and as the TARDIS dematerializes, the Toymaker’s universe is destroyed.

From “The Gunfighters”

When the Doctor develops a toothache, the TARDIS materializes in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881, where the Doctor seeks out the dental services of Doc Holliday. This leads him, Steven, and Dodo to become embroiled in the shootout at the OK Corral.

From “The Savages”

The TARDIS lands on a world where a race of Elders perpetuate their society on the stolen life-energies of a race of savages. The Doctor, Steven, and Dodo try to end the exploitation, and succeed when the leader of the Elders is influenced by the Doctor’s character after siphoning off some of the Time Lord’s life-energy. United, the Elders and Savages then ask Steven to remain with them as their new leader. He agrees, and the Doctor and Dodo go off without him. Steven’s subsequent fate is unknown.

From “The War Machines”

The TARDIS brings the Doctor and Dodo back to London in 1966. When the Doctor senses a sinister force emanating from the impressive new General Post Office Tower, they go to investigate and find a new supercomputer called WOTAN. The computer is sentient and plans to take over the world, and soon has Dodo and others under its hypnotic sway. The Doctor proves himself an adept hypnotist by freeing Dodo from its influence. A dozen mobile War Machines are built to WOTAN’s specifications, and they attack London, but the Doctor is able to reprogram one and turn it against its creator. As he is about to leave, Ben and Polly, who helped in the fight against WOTAN, bring him a message from Dodo that she wants to remain in London. Although the Doctor apparently has every intention of going on alone, Ben and Polly slip inside the TARDIS just before it dematerializes.

Polly Wright was working as a secretary for the chief scientist in charge of the WOTAN project when she met the Doctor. Taking Dodo for an evening at her favorite nightclub, the Inferno, Polly introduced herself to a gloomy sailor named Ben. When she fell under the computer’s mental control, Ben helped her break free. They then joined the Doctor on his travels and witnessed his first regeneration. When the TARDIS finally brought them back to their proper place and time, Polly decided to resume her life -- her many travels having occurred within the space of a day.

Ben Jackson, a merchant seaman, was spending his evenings at the Inferno nightclub as he was depressed over getting a shore posting when his ship, the HMS Teazer, sailed for the West Indies. It was here that he met Polly Wright and they made a lunch date for the next day. When Polly couldn’t be located, his inquiries led him back to the Doctor, who asked Ben to do some investigating for him. Thus drawn into the Doctor’s adventures, he and Polly joined the Doctor on his travels and witnessed his first regeneration. When the TARDIS finally brought them back to their proper place and time, Ben decided to resume his life -- his many travels having occurred within the space of a day.

Ben and Polly became very close during their time aboard the TARDIS, and started from an obvious sexual attraction to each other. However, being returned to the very day they left might make them eventually wonder if it had happened at all. Whether this situation created a bond between them or caused them to drift apart is unknown. They both had the chance to resume their former jobs without interruption.

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