Terror of the Silver Age

Few horror stories have been as memorable to me as the one featured in Strange Adventures #128 (May 1961), the terrifying tale of “The Man With the Electronic Brain!” In a world where science could run amok at any moment, nightmares stalked the streets -- threatening an idyllic America with utter destruction.

The story begins with a fateful discovery by world-renowned geophysicist Jason Evans as he tabulates the findings for the International Geophysical Year, a concentrated 18-month study of our planet by scientists of all nations. A subterranean shift of rock and magma is causing the earth to wobble badly, and if unchecked, it could cause the planet to fall into the sun or spin off into the freezing depths of space!

Earth’s scientists leap into action. With only a week to solve the crisis, an emergency project is initiated: Operation Wobble World! Under its auspices, Jason takes his “electronic brain” device deep into the earth, riding inside a special tunnel-boring machine. However, while in the bowels of the planet, Jason contracts a rare, deadly disease. A desperate solution is proposed!

In a freakish perversion of nature, Jason Evans is turned into a frightening half-man, half-oscilloscope -- ready to calculate the best means of saving the planet, but unable to communicate in any conventional manner.

Unforeseen complications arise when the polonium isotope powering the computer runs wild and alters the structure of Jason’s body, turning him into a living engine of destruction!

His hands disintegrate the all-important punch-tape as soon as it emerges from its slot! Jason is unable to reveal what must be done to save the earth, and time is fast running out! As his wife and child look on in horror, Jason seems to go on a rampage!

The world’s greatest thinkers are baffled by Jason’s desperate actions! But then --

Can Billy Evans help his dad save the world? Find out the spine-tingling answer in Strange Adventures #128! On sale March 28th (1961)!

Story by Gardner Fox. Art by Murphy Anderson.


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