Comics Pro Mailbag 8

For this latest look into the Comics Pro Mailbag, we turn our attention back to the Silver Age DC titles and find a story to warm every fanboy’s heart.

On the “Hawkman’s Roost” page of Hawkman #13 (May 1966), we find a very interesting letter from a young sailor and aspiring artist named Dave Cockrum. Best known for redesigning the Legion of Super-Heroes in 1972 and relaunching the X-Men in 1975, it seems that Cockrum’s long comics career began earlier than anyone might have suspected.

It is a well-known and popular fact that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, and we should take note that Dave Cockrum broke into the industry as an assistant to Murphy Anderson, upon whom he heaps his praise here.

Incidentally, “NAS” stands for “Naval Air Station,” referring to the military base in San Diego at which Cockrum was stationed at the time.



At 5:10 PM, Blogger Shamus said...

I wonder how often ideas from readers were used, unacknowledged and uncredited in those days. It would be very exciting though for a comic fan.


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