Comics Pro Mailbag 6

And now for another installment of Comics Pro Mailbag, in which we present some of the early fan missives from future comics professionals. Let’s switch companies and see what Marvel’s letters pages have to offer.

On the “Amazing Mails” page in Amazing Adventures # 9 (November 1971), we find this communiqué from a teen-aged Jeph Loeb. This young scamp would go on to write such well-known comics as Superman For All Seasons, Batman: Hush, Spider-Man: Blue, and Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America, as well as working on such popular TV shows as Smallville, Lost, and Heroes. As we can see below, however, none of those rank as the highest achievement of his life.

Yes, the “PMM” prefixed to young Master Loeb’s name stands for “Permanent Marvelite Maximus,” one of the highest of the Hallowed Ranks of Marveldom. I’m sure none of the awards and accolades lavished on him by the entertainment industries mean as much to Jeph Loeb as the exalted position he worked so hard to attain in his childhood.



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