Comics Pro Mailbag 4

In today’s installment of Comics Pro Mailbag, we find future Wonder Woman editor Marv Wolfman taking Wonder Woman’s then-editor Robert Kanigher to task for his attempts to emulate the style the book was known for during the Golden Age. In the process, young Mr. Wolfman levels some pretty harsh criticism on Wonder Woman’s original artist, Harry G. Peter.

The following appeared in “Wonder Woman’s Readers Write” in Wonder Woman #168 (February 1967).

One can only wonder what Robert Kanigher thought of Mr. Wolfman’s decisions during his brief run on the book some fifteen years later.



At 8:58 PM, Blogger Darci said...

That's an interesting comment on the experiment in issues 156 to 165. I wonder what Marv Wolfman thought about 1986's Legend of Wonder Woman mini-series?


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