Comics Pro Mailbag 1

Welcome to the first installment of Comics Pro Mailbag! In this feature, we’ll revisit some of the great fan letters from future comics professionals printed in the letters pages of their favorite titles. See what was on their young minds! Read the words with which they express themselves! Thrill to the hindsightly foreknowledge that they would, in years to come, be reading fan mail sent to them!

For our first installment, we have a rare treat, for the FLASH-GRAMS page in The Flash #166 (December 1966) features letters by two young men who, within a decade or so, would both be working for DC’s number one competitor, the Marvel Comics Group!

First, a missive from legendary comics scribe Marv Wolfman:

Amazingly, the next column over brings us a note from famed artist Steve Leialoha:

Who could have guessed what the future held for these two comic book fans?



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