When DC Comics recently announced the debut of a new version of the superheroine Batwoman, receiving an unusual amount of attention in the mainstream media, I was immediately struck by the similarity of the costume design to a sketch I had done revising Batgirl some ten years ago. I hasten to add that this is pure happenstance, as I've never even shown my sketch to anyone, let alone anyone with any connection to DC Comics. Still, it shows a definite parallel between two independent approaches to this sort of character.

Here is the promotional art released by DC last week:

And here is my sketch of Batgirl done nearly a decade ago:

Alex Ross and I both chose to eliminate the yellow that dominated the Silver-Age Batwoman and Batgirl designs for a bold red-on-black look, although I went for more of a silhouette with red accents, in keeping with the concept of a stealthy creature of the night. I must say, I like them both.

It proves once again that Great Minds Think Alike.


At 11:19 AM, Anonymous SanctumSanctorumComix said...

Although, YOURS looks like someone I'd like to hang out with and do some "snuggle-bunnies" with...*ahem*...while theirs looks like she just wants to kick my ass.

While I DO like the Red on Black's been done.

Not to be a downer, but it was already taken for the
Batman : Beyond costume.

All black with a red bat-shape and some accents.

You may not have known about it when you came up with yours.

Hmmm...maybe my penchant for being a pain-in-the-ass is WHY their Batwoman looks like she wants to kick my ass.

Better skidaddle.


At 12:30 PM, Blogger Tony said...

Now that you mention it, my design for Batgirl does look almost exactly like the design for Batman Beyond, although I did mine a few years before that show was created.

I’ve never actually watched Batman Beyond, and I probably never made the connection before simply because the character in Batman Beyond is a guy.

As I said, this drawing’s been sitting in my files for about a decade, and I was only reminded of it when I saw the announcement for the new Batwoman.

Well, it just shows there was a third Great Mind who came up with the same idea for basically the same type of character. Bruce Timm, join the club!


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